Cracking the Code: A Guide to Debugging in Testing

Debugging in Software Testing | Debugging Approaches 

Debugging in Software Testing | Debugging Approaches

What is debugging ?

  • Debugging is the activity performed by the developer to fix the bug found in the system .
  • BUG : It is a type of error , system that it causes it to produce an incorrect or unexpected result .
  • Whenever any failure is detected , first it is necessary to identify the program statements that are in error and are responsible for causing the failure the error can then be fixed .
  • Debugging process is not a process of Testing but it is the result of testing.

Debugging Approaches :

             There are basically 3 debugging approaches as given below :-
  • Bruteforce Method
  • Backtracking Method
  • Cause Elimination Method

  1. Bruteforce Method :-
  • Bruteforce is commonly used and least efficient method for separating the cause of software error . 
  • This is the most commonly used method of debugging .
  • In this method , print statements are inserted throughout the program to print intermediate values with the assumption that some of the printed values will help to identify the error.

   2. Backtracking Method :- 

  • Backtracking is successfully used in small programs .
  • In this approach , beginning from the statement at which an error symptoms has been observed , the source code is traces backward until the error having large amount of codes.
  • It will become more complex to trace backward for softwares having large amount of codes .

  3. Cause Elimination Mehod :- 

  • In this approach , once failure is observed , the symptoms of the failure are noted , Based on the failure symptoms the cause which could possibly have contributed to the symptoms is developed and test are conducted to eliminate each .

Debugging Stratergies :

  • Realize that you got a bug / error .
  • Reproduce / Generate the input values that causing the error.
  • isolate that functionality of the software or part of your code .
  • Debug that code
  • Check for code is working fine or not.

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