Enhance Your Software Engineering Skills with Software Reliability Insights

Software Reliability :

Software Reliability is the probability of failure-free operation for a given period of time in a perticulat environment. Software Reliability is one of the important factor that affecting system reliability. It is basically different from hardware reliability in that it shows the design perfection, rather than manufacturing perfection.

Two terms reated to Software Reliability is :

1 - Fault : A defect in the software, e.g, a bug in the side which may cause a failure.
2 - Failure : A derivation of the programs observed behaviour from the required behaviour.

Contributing Factors :

  • Change in environment
  • Change in infrastructure and technology
  • Major change in requirement
  • Increase in Complexity
  • Extremely difficult to Maintain
  • Slow execution speed
  • Poor graphical user interface

Sostware reliability specification :

  • Hardware Reliability :
Hardware reliability can be measured by What is the probability of a hardware component failing and how does it take to replace that component.
  • Software Reliability:
How likely is it that a software component will produce an incorrext output?

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