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How to get Average Value of a Column from Database in Laravel

Get Average of a Column in Laravel - StudyWithKishan

                In this article we are going to learn how can you get the average of any column of your database in Laravel . To calculate average of a column in Laravel is very easy but we just need to know the way to write the query . In this article we will see the Laravel Eloquent method for calculating average from Database .

              No Doubt , During the calculation of average you can use multiple where condition and other helper functions and aggregate functions according to your need .

Syntax 1: - 

$data = DB::table('table_name')

                ->where('column_name', 'value')


Example 1: -

Syntax 2: -

$data = DB::table('table_name')

                ->where(['column_name' => 'value'])


Example 2: -

Syntax 3: -

$data = Model_Name::avg('Column_name');

Example 3: -

These were the three ways to use average query in Laravel.

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